Story Time: My Tattoo

I wanted to do a blog post about my tattoo! I figured I would tell you why I chose where to put it, what the process was like, if it hurt, the aftercare, telling/showing people, and how I feel about it now! I kind of told everyone what the tattoo meant to me on other … Continue reading Story Time: My Tattoo


What 2018 Taught Me

I thought it would be fun to do the "Instagram Top 9" because everyone else was doing it and I wanted to see what mine would be! So, I went to the site and typed in my information and waited for my top 9. When it finally showed up there was a realization that hit … Continue reading What 2018 Taught Me

Unique Wooden Watches: The Perfect Gift

I've worked with JORD before and they honestly surprised me with how amazing the quality of their pieces were, the crazy amount of style options they offered, and the care their customer service workers put into each concern. I was able to choose another watch for this collaboration and I really wanted to make sure … Continue reading Unique Wooden Watches: The Perfect Gift