Music Playlist: My Current Jams

Lately, I have been on a music kick where I am listening to music almost every second of the day I can. I’ve been getting back into older jams, finding new ones, and just loving the world of music right now. There are so many great songs with even better lyrics to make you belt your heart out or some are just to get you really pumped for the day. Either way, here are my jams I am dancing and singing to in my bathroom lately!

  1. Girl Like You – Jason Aldean
  2. Rumor – Lee Brice
  3. Turnin’ Me On – Blake Shelton
  4. Youngblood – 5 Seconds of Summer
  5. I Think I’m In Love – Kat Dahlia
  6. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Backstreet Boys
  7. Mine – Bazzi
  8. broken – lovelytheband
  9. Your Side of The Bed – Loote
  10. Sit Next To Me – Foster The People
  11. Way Down We Go – Kaleo
  12. Eastside – benny blanco, Halsey, Khalid
  13. Remind Me to Forget – Kygo, Miguel
  14. Silence – Marshmellow
  15. Bad Intentions – Niykee Heaton
  16. Push – Matchbox Twenty
  17. 3AM – Matchbox Twenty
  18. One Week – Barenaked Ladies
  19. Drowns The Whiskey – Jason Aldean
  20. Burning Man – Dierks Bentley

I usually listen to all my songs on Spotify because it’s super easy to find new songs with playlists they already have created and there is no ads when you buy the premium which is super cheap as a student! But, the Pandora station Matchbox Twenty is super good and usually plays ALL good songs. You’ll probably think so too if you like that type of music.

As you can see my musical genres are all over the place! I’m hoping that means that each one of my readers can find at least one song on this list that they will love too! Comment your favorite songs right now or ones you can’t help but sing to!


Emily Elizabeth


Top 5: Fall Favorites

As the fall season is in full swing right about now I thought this blog post was pretty fitting. I definitely have to say that fall is my favorite season by far and my favorites are just a few of the reasons why!

1.sweaters, Sweaters, SWEATERS

I love being able to bundle up in a comfy sweater to just relax or feel less miserable about sitting in a classroom being lectured at. Another reason I love them is they seriously look good with anything for any occasion. You can dress a sweater up or down and make it work for any situation. They also aren’t super tight fitting which is always a plus for me.

2.  Moisturizer

Okay and I don’t mean a cheap, basically water moisturizer. I am talking about the good, deep moisturizing, intense moisturizer that basically makes you feel like you are bathing in honey. When the cooler weather comes around you have to make sure you are moisturizing regularly, yes, even if you have oily skin. It helps your skin regulate it’s natural oils properly so it actually helps your skin become less oily. Plus, it helps your makeup apply more evenly and smoothly because you will have less dry skin!

3. Hot Chocolate & Cookies

I am a sucker for some good hot chocolate to wind down at night and the occasional themed sugar cookies that you can get from Walmart! They are just so darn good and fun to eat to treat yourself during the spooky season! Sometimes to spice things up I put marshmallows or mint in my hot chocolate! It’s super yummy!

4. Booties

These are basically my fall and winter season fashion staples. They are always so comfortable and you can wear them with any outfit possible. You really only need two pairs too and I usually choose black and brown but I recently purchased olive too! That was a fun switch up for my wardrobe. Depending on the type of booty you buy you can also find some that will keep you warm on the really cold days!

5. Candles

Unfortunately, while I am at school I don’t burn them very often cause I’m always afraid to but when I’m at home I always do. I love the way they make the room smell and how cozy they make it feel. There are always so many good smells too and I am such a sucker for the mahogany teakwood scent from Bath & Body Works!

  I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post! Let me know what fall favorites you have and can’t live without!


Emily Elizabeth

How To Be A Better Friend

People differ in so many ways, especially when it comes to their roles and labels. For instance, some people are daughters, sons, cousins, boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters, brothers, classmates, peers, students, teachers, and so on but one thing that all of us have in common is that we are all a friend to at least one person. We all have to figure out how to be that someone for someone else. We have to try and build our friendships to a place that’s better than where it is today.

I asked a lot of people what they thought a good friend did or was like and I received so many great answers. I asked people because I wanted to get a good sense of what people thought before I made this post because just because I think something is important, doesn’t necessarily mean other people do too! I’m one type of person and one type of friend but there are so many other types out there! So if I only gave my advice it wouldn’t necessarily help you be a good friend to all of your different types of friends. Here are some of the answers I received:

Good Friend

I wanted to think about all of these answers and come up with some ways/things that will help you portray these characteristics to your friends. Friendships are so dang important and in order for you to receive characteristics and actions like this you must first give them. How do you expect your friends to treat you in ways that you don’t even treat them? Here goes my best tips for being a good friend!

1.Pay Attention. 

I think often times we get so engrossed in our own lives that we forget about really paying attention to the people we care about. If you truly paid attention to them you will notice if there is something wrong or off by their tone, body language, or expressions. It means you can’t just hear them say something is wrong, you have to watch and initiate the conversation yourself.

2. Agree to Disagree.

Obviously two individuals can’t agree all of the time because we are all raised so differently in different environments and situations. Being a good friend means that even though you don’t agree on something you can respectfully disagree without saying harsh things that are hurtful.

3.  Meet In The Middle.

Along with the tip above, you won’t agree on things and sometimes that means doing things you don’t necessarily want to do because it means a lot to the other person. Just like I’m sure if the roles were reversed you would be touched if your friend went to a play with you even though you know they HATE plays but they do it happily because you love it. It is a lot of give and take when it comes to friendships but it’s not about keeping score either.

4. Being A Cheerleader Even When You Don’t Understand The Game

This one is really important and one I’ve come to find especially near and dear to me. When I started blogging there were a lot of people who didn’t really understand what it was or why I was doing it but that didn’t stop them for telling me it was cool or commenting sweet things on them. It meant so much to me that they were rooting for me even when they didn’t really understand what I was doing! You don’t have to understand what they are doing to be happy for them. If you see that they are happy then that should be all you need!

5. Be A Listener and An Advice Giver

There is such a perfect balance between being a good listener and being able to give some advice to your friends. Sometimes your friends will need some tough love in order to get over a heartbreak or they might need a hug and silence. You have to know when is the right time to do what because it can make or break a friendship! You don’t always want someone giving you advice about your life do you? You sometimes want to just talk and vent to someone who is truly listening.

6. Stop Judgement

We’ve all been in situations where we did something we weren’t really proud of and we honestly just needed someone to be there for us. We didn’t need that judgmental expression and pointed finger making us feel any more crappy than we already do. Instead, a good friend gives you comfort instead of the judgement! It’s healthy because then you both know you can go to each other no matter what without fear of being shamed.

7. Expressing That You Care

There are so many ways to express your love and affection for your friends that will show them you care. You can spend money to buy them thoughtful gifts or you can use your creativity to make them something they’ll cherish forever or use your words to describe how much they really mean to you. It’s not hard to come up with little ways to make them feel special and loved and everyone deserves to feel that way!

I hope this blog post makes you excited to start being a better friend and cherishing the ones who do these amazing things every single day for you! Sometimes we have to take a second to realize that being a friend doesn’t just mean hanging out and doing fun things, it’s about being there for someone, encouraging them, loving them, and comprising with them. I bet you have people in your life that are worth doing all of those things for so make a list of them and start showing it!


Emily Elizabeth

How I Chose My Major

I know that one of the reasons people dislike their college experience so much is because they have simply chosen the wrong major. I think it happens a lot and it’s totally okay and a part of life but if you could save some time and money why wouldn’t you? Here is how I came to choosing my major and hopefully it helps you!

Throughout all of my school years I knew I liked being creative whether that being drawing, pictures, colors, and decorating but I didn’t really know how I could make those things into a career. I knew I also really liked being around people and talking with them  but there are so many different careers that include that but weren’t really for me.

I took multiple tests that were supposed to tell me what I was supposed to do when I grew up and I often got journalist, interior designer, or fashion designer. They all had things I loved about them but neither of them were EXACTLY what I wanted to do. I was beginning to get frustrated because I couldn’t pinpoint what it was I wanted to do.

Then, everything became clear for me in one amazing opportunity. I was asked by a local boutique owner to help work at her store while she left for Canada for the summer. I was excited, nervous, anxious, and eager to begin working in the store and learning all of the behind the scene exclusives nobody gets to see. I quickly began to realize that this, this is what I was meant to do.

At first, I was very insecure about my skills to actually run the place by myself in such a short amount of time but day after day I started catching on. I began to feel comfortable in running the register, barcoding merchandise, and creating displays for customers and soon it became even joyful to do. I started getting to know the customers and their wants in order to create the best sales possible and it all became so fun. I became eager to get to work everyday to try and beat my bests the day before.

Obviously, I made a ton of mistakes but I was so unbelievably lucky to have a boss that allowed me to learn from my failures and use them to progress further. She pushed me to be better and never let me give up. She is the reason I figured out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I’ll never be able to repay for her for that, ever.

I’ve worked at the store now for about 5 years and each year that passes I am only more confident that this is what I’m meant to do. I am supposed to help people find the things they love, have a great experience while doing it, and creating a lifelong relationship with them. I know that my situation can’t happen to everyone in the same way but I think it illustrates that you have to do things that scare you and that you aren’t fully comfortable with. You will flourish outside of your comfort zone and just maybe, you might find your future.


Emily Elizabeth



Anxiety + Me

As I’m writing this I’m overwhelmed with anxious feelings and stress. Today I’ve experienced my first anxiety attack and let me tell you, I wasn’t expecting it. I knew I was felt anxious but it never really went that far and it just made me realize how much anxiety can take over someone’s life and kind of become a part of them. There are so many searches and results for “how to get rid of anxiety” and “how to overcome anxiety” and to be honest I think it’s a load of crap. I don’t think you can just get rid of anxiety but I do think there are ways to cope with it and make it better. It’s funny though because before all of this, I didn’t really know anxiety was a thing and I really didn’t know I had it.

All through high school I felt like there was something wrong with the way I kept feeling like I was drowning. I would freak out over time which I still do sometimes. Like, all throughout the day I was scheduling my whole day within a timeline like I was going to get home at this time, eat till this time, shower at this time, then do homework till this time and if the bus was late it would throw off my entire little schedule in my head. I would worry about school and sports more than the others and it was just something I couldn’t control. It was hard but I just kind of assumed that it was something I had to deal with and that others felt the same way. Then, I went to college and that was where things got tricky.

My first semester of college was a whirlwind, I could’t really decipher my emotions because there were so dang many of them. I was excited because there were parties/new experiences, a ton of coursework, learning, new friends, being away from home, and trying to figure out how to manage my time. Then, my second semester I kind of got everything under control but realized things were tough. I was getting really severe acne, I couldn’t sleep, I was overeating, I was crying too often, and the stress of keeping my grades up were really getting to me. I knew I had to get some help because this was just getting out of hand. I talked to my parents and made an appointment with a mental health specialist at the NDSU Student Health Services. Let me tell you, that lady was a God send.

I had to take a test that asked me a bunch of questions about my anxiety and life in general and soon I went to talk to the doctor about the results. When I got in there, she made sure to get to know me which I really appreciated. She asked me personal questions and made me feel like I was really important to her, not just another patient. By the end of the appointment she told me I had a pretty severe case of anxiety that mostly showed up during performance type events like assignments, tests, and bigger events. I was stunned at the fact that I finally had an answer for what I was going through and there were actually ways to help manage it.

I left with a prescription for my first anxiety medication and let me tell you, that stuff saved me. I was able to have a little more fun and not be such a predictor for my life. Although the medication has helped my anxiety become more manageable I still struggle with it every. single. day. It’s not something that just goes away and some days are worse than others but it’s something that makes me, me. It’s something that I’ve had to go through in order to be the person I am today.

If you struggle with mental health problems feel free to reach out to me if you need to talk because I get it. It’s so hard to voice what’s going on inside your head when someone else just doesn’t understand. I know and I’m here for you. Know that it’s not something you’re making up and no it’s not something you can just “get over”. I know that for sure. Mental health is so dang important so treat it like it is!


Emily Elizabeth

Top 5: Relationship Deal breakers

This one is a little different that my normal posts but I thought it would be fun to shake things up a bit and allow you guys to get to know me a little more! I thought it would be fun to get a little more personal with you guys! I think everyone kind of has a few things on their list that they just can’t look passed when it comes to dating someone and I think that’s okay. I think that having things that are unreasonable aren’t fair but when there are things that just absolutely won’t work, you have to be real and upfront about it with yourself and to the other person. So, here are my top 5 relationship deal breakers.

1.  Smoking/Chewing

I don’t know but all my life this one has been at the top of my list. I mean, if they’ve done it in the past that’s okay and I could maybe look over it but if they continue to do it day to day I just can’t. I guess there are many reasons why this is such a deal breaker for me but I don’t want to get too into detail. It’s just not something I would want to raise my future kids around either and that’s a big thing for me.

2. Unable to Admit Being Wrong

This has also been a top one for me because after being in previous relationships where something was always my fault no matter the situation, I just can’t put myself in that place again. It brings so much misery to a person and relationship and who wants to live with that the rest of your life? Not me that’s for sure! I think it’s just shows how well-rounded someone is when they can realize they are wrong in a situation and can talk about it.

3. Doesn’t Want Kids

I know this one is in the future still but why be with someone if you know something is never going to happen? Having kids one day is something that is really important to me and I can’t imagine not having them ever. It’s just something that is way too big to look passed.

4. No Chemistry With His Family

This might seem silly but until you have experienced dating someone who you do not get along with their family at all and there is always drama, you will never understand. These are people you are going to have to deal with on a very regular basis and I think it’s so important to love them just as much as your own family! Especially because you may be spending holidays with them instead of yours so why hate every second of it? This is so important especially if you do have kids because they are going to be a huge part of their lives and you don’t want every thing to be a fight do you? I don’t! This is a big one for me.

5. Complete Lack of Ambition or Complete Workaholic

 So, the first part of this is a big thing because I’m always finding something to do or trying to chase a new dream or purpose and I couldn’t imagine being with someone who wasn’t the same way or near it? Or pushing me to chase my dreams because he would want me to do the same. But on the other end of the spectrum of that, I don’t want my significant other to work so much that he never sees me or someday our future kids. I want it to be important to him to make it to our kids events or events of mine or to just go out together to still “date”. I think that’s something that could really ruin a relationship but that may just be me!

I hoped you liked this blog post! Please let me know of any blog post topics you would like to read!


Emily Elizabeth

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

With Instagram becoming huge recently so many people are wondering, how do you edit your Instagram pictures? How do you create a theme with your feed? Just a year ago I was asking the same questions and wracking my brain trying to figure out how to start this. Finally, I found what I liked and stuck to it!

I searched and searched for a theme I liked on Pinterest to be able to have something to kind of recreate. Some pins actually give you a step by step to recreate a theme you like! I asked other influencers what they used and some of them used Lightroom which costs money and to be honest I’m not about that right now! I was just starting out and I didn’t even know what I wanted yet so I wanted to go on the cheaper side.

I finally chose VSCO to edit my pictures and that has worked out so well for me! But, because each picture is different depending on lighting and shadows so you have to go inside the overall filter and adjust things within it light exposure, contrast, saturation, and clarity. I use the preset A6 because I think it helps bring out all of the colors in the pictures while not being obnoxious. I also liked this one because it best highlighted all of my pictures which was nice because I don’t want to not post a picture just because my preset doesn’t look good with it!

Here are some examples of my edit before and after for you to see:





I think the preset just brightens the colors and gives for a fun look! Let me know what you think of the preset!


Emily Elizabeth