Top 5: Favorite YouTubers

I have an actual obsession for YouTube videos and I’ve had it or awhile now so I’ve come to know a lot of different styles, personalities, and content. Obviously everyone’s tastes are different but I think a lot of people probably want the same thing, someone who is genuine, fun to watch, and entertaining. I feel like those are pretty universal musts for a YouTube creator.

1. KKandBabyJ

I love these vloggers because they are truly the kindest and most genuine people I have ever seen. They are people too that everything you see on camera is who they are and you never see any bad comments about them. It’s nice cause it’s just them doing life and you get to be apart of it!

2. Michelle Reed

I just recently found her but I haven’t stopped watching her since! I am always looking for a new video from her! She is all about lifestyle, fashion, God, friends, family, and school. I think I love watching her because we can relate on so many different topics and it’s nice to feel like there is other people like me.

3. Casey Holmes

I’ve watched her for YEARS now and I still love her just as much. She’s so independent, down to earth, and talented at so many things. She motivates me to do so many things and when I watch her videos I kind of feel like I’m just chatting with a friend! Her and her husband are so dang sweet too and she has some adorable pups!

4. Abby Asselin

I just started watching her a couple months ago and I relate to her so hard! She is in a business major the same as me and does a lot of university videos which I love watching. She gives me motivation to do my own school work, be healthy, and have fun!

5. Jinti Fell

She’s very different from the other people I watch on YouTube because of her lifestyle and values in general but I love watching her because it helps me open my brain and think of things in a different way. Her, her husband, and daughter were previously traveling the world in a van and just really did life happily while living with the most minimal stuff. I think it’s really cool what they’re doing and I hope I’m just as happy as them one day!

These are my favorite Youtube creators by far and I think you all should give them a try! They each offer something completely different so I’m positive you can find one you like! Leave a comment with your favorite people to watch on YouTube!



How To Nail That Job Interview

I thought this would be a great topic to talk about because no matter what your age you’re going to have to do a job interview at some point in your life. If you are anything like the rest of the world, you probably get super anxious about them. I’ve done a couple in my life so far and I’ve gotten each job! Obviously, that doesn’t mean a lot but it does show that I must be doing something right!

First of all, you want to make sure your outfit is comfortable but professional. I really regret wearing uncomfortable pants and shoes to my first interview because it made me more nervous than I was. I was super self-conscious of how I looked and how it looked to them that it made me a little distracted. You want to make sure it’s comfortable because it gives you one less thing to worry about and will make you more confident. When you look good, you feel good.

Look up the most basic interview questions and practice your answers to them. Obviously, you don’t want them to sound completely memorized or rehearsed because that will feel less authentic and the people interviewing you won’t get a good feel for who you really are. But, practicing them and having an idea of what you want to say is a great idea to best highlight the wanted skills.

Leave your phone in your purse and either shut down or on silent. There is nothing worse than being in an interview and your phone goes off. Honestly, I think it shows just how meticulous you aren’t because you couldn’t even remember to shut off your phone. Plus, if it happened it could throw off the whole interview!

Make sure you research the company you’re interviewing for so you know what they’re looking for and are able to pinpoint the skills you have and correlate them to what they want. It’s all about selling yourself to the company but making sure you’re selling the exact skills they are looking for.

Have some questions ready to ask the interviewer. Doing this makes you stand out from the other candidates because you have thought enough about the job to even have them formed. This seems a little silly but it’s true! But also keep in mind that asking questions just to ask them isn’t helpful either. Make sure they are thoughtful and relevant to the job.

This one is most important. Be confident in yourself and your skills. If during the interview you portray confidence you’re going to look even more attractive to the company because you look like you can handle a hard situation and you are confident in your ability to do the job. Nobody is going to hire you if you don’t even know if you can do the job.

Bring multiple copies of your resume, portfolio, or related work pieces to every interview. You truly never know how many people will be there and it always looks good when you’re prepared. It shows a skill you have without even having to talk about it! It does the hard part for you.

This part is after the interview but my last piece of advice is always send a thank you! This puts the cherry on top

Basic Invite: An Easy Way To Make a Huge Impression

Basic Invite is a company that specializes in invitations, announcements, stationery, and photo cards that can be customizable to your wants and needs. They make it super easy to get exactly what you’re looking for which is a win-win in my book! No headache and no stress!

I teamed up with this company because I LOVE anything stationery. I love notepads, thank you cards, pens, cards, and invitations/announcements. I think they are so fun to express creativity and personality without even having to see someone in person. It can show that someone cares enough to create and write something for you. It puts on paper the excitement of a new engagement or birth announcement to share to loved ones. I truly can’t tell you enough how much I love stationery items!

I chose to create my own cards that I could use as a thank you, thinking of you, or basically any occasion card. I wanted to be able to use it for anything I needed but I also wanted it to be crisp and simple. I wanted it to show my personality all while being professional. I opted for a marble looking outline that mixed navy blue, light pink, and dark pink. These colors contrast so well with each other and they express my personality. I wanted my name to be at the bottom in a cursive font so that it could be as if I was signing it without having to sign it myself. This way it could be in the best writing possible and not be sloppy. I matched the color to the navy blue I used in the border so it all came together nicely!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

After I started going through Basic Invite’s website I realized they offered features that many other companies do not and that made me even more excited to start my collaboration with them! I’m gonna lay out all of the amazing services and features they offer and give you a little insight on what I received from them. One of the best ways to find out if you should order from a company is to do your research and the best way I know how to do that is to get opinions from someone I know! So, hopefully this helps you out!

Right off the bat I was so impressed by the amount of services they offered to their customers. You could create invitations, announcements, order business cards online, create nice business cards, save the dates, thank you cards, personalized note cards, Christmas cards, and the list seriously goes on and on. There is an option to make a card for any event in someone’s life and I think that’s so awesome! It’s nice to be able to trust a company and then be able to order from them whenever you need them and for them to be able to tailor to those needs.

When I started to create my custom cards I noticed that they had an unlimited option of colors to choose from. When I say unlimited, I mean seriously unlimited. I could choose from about 20 different shades of pink that’s how unlimited I mean! If you’re anything like me that’s a huge deal because if you’re sending out something that’s supposed to encompass your personality, you want it to be exactly what you want.

Then, I started playing with the fonts and I realized they had a crazy amount of different fonts to choose from too! I mean this company has the ability to tailor to any person’s tastes and I think that sets them apart from other companies in their niche immensely.

One of the coolest things about Basic Invite is they offer custom samples! This way, you can create your desired item how you want it but them be able to order a sample to make sure it’s exactly how you want it to look before doing a final order! This prevents so much mishap with return issues and a headache with timelines. Receiving 100 copies of something that’s not exactly what you wanted creates a disaster for everyone! Give yourself a break and order from Basic Invite to ensure the easiest experience possible.

Lastly, they offer a foil option to each card which is awesome! It’s super shiny and catches a person’s attention quick which is great for certain occasions. Even if it’s just a little notepad for yourself, do it! Treat yourself.

These are just a few of the reasons I love Basic Invite and their products. To get you started, Basic Invite is offering a 15% off coupon code, 15FF51, to be added to your purchase. Take a look at their site and I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Emily Elizabeth

Top 5: Reasons I Love My Classic Wooden JORD Watch

I received my JORD watch in the mail a couple days ago and I’m still awing over it. It’s truly a classic staple to have in my jewelry box to add to every look I’m wearing. I can wear it when I’m going out to a fancy place, heading for pizza, or studying in the library. It’s classic look makes me feel so elegant and I love that a single piece does that! I picked the Cassia watch with Walnut & Vintage Rose colors because the pink popped but it was still neutral enough to wear with any outfit and any occasion.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I wanted to give you 5 reasons why I l love my watch so much because everyone deserves to have a classic staple piece in their wardrobe!

  1. The Large Variation of Color Choices

I’m not kidding you when I tell you I had the hardest time choosing which one I wanted because there were so many different colors! Navy, pink, brown, creme, rose, gold, black, are some of the few classic colors they offer. I know for sure any person can find the one that fits their style best!

2. They Make Men’s & Women’s Watches

This is awesome because it gives a great gift idea for anyone. It’s perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or a special occasion and with the large color scale it’s bound to be loved by everyone!

3.  They Can Engrave Them

Okay this makes this brand even better! It can make any gift even more thoughtful and make your watch even more personal! It can give you a reminder of something each day which I love! I engraved mine with “be still” because it’s something I often forget to do!


4.   They Go With Everything

I’m someone who likes to add pieces to my collection that can be paired with absolutely everything. I don’t like to only be able to wear something certain times or with certain outfits because it limits my style.

5. There Is A 1 Year Warranty

I think this puts them in the top market for a watch because who doesn’t love knowing they’re covered for awhile after they’ve spent a good chunk of money on something? I know I do!

There are a million reasons I could give you to check out their site but I’m hoping these 5 will do the job! The best part about this post is I’m teaming up with JORD to offer a JORD watch giveaway!!! One lucky winner will receive a $100 shopping spree on their site but everyone gets a discount code just for entering! How awesome?! Good luck & share pictures of your new watch!


Emily Elizabeth

Wooden Wrist Watch

Things You Need To Bring To Your Dorm You Might Forget

As college is approaching I bet a lot of you incoming freshman are thinking well what do I even need in my dorm?! Should I just buy everything?! Stores are stocking shelves with hundreds of items making it even more confusing for you to know what you actually need. Don’t worry, I’ve lived it and have gone through the whole thing myself! I’m here to tell you what you really need in your dorm! Now I lived in a suite style dorm so I didn’t use a community bathroom – if you are you may need a few extra things here that aren’t here! Here you go!

  1. Fan – Girl you’re for sure gonna need that. Most dorms do not have air conditioning and you’ll be dying.
  2. Comforter – Bring one that’s comfortable and cute! Makes living away from home easier!
  3. Comfortable Seating (bean bag or fluffy chair) – For when friends come over or just another place to sit and do homework to change it up!
  4. Space Saving Hangers – These things are a God send. If you have a ton of clothes like me you’re going to want these because those dorm closets are SMALL.
  5. Air Freshener – This goes for the bathroom and bedroom! The space is so dang small so any gross odor is 100 times worse!
  6. Medicine – I was stupid and didn’t really think of this and it SUCKED when I got my first cold and realized I didn’t have anything to help me! When you’re that sick you don’t feel like going out and getting any either.
  7. Power Strip – So most dorm lists will say you can’t bring them but you can just hide them if your RA is doing room checks. The worst that will happen is you’ll get written up but who cares! So worth being able to plug in everything you need to!
  8. Body Mirror – Most dorms don’t have a large mirror and trust me, you’ll want one. You gotta check your outfit before you leave!
  9. 2 Professional Outfits – You never know when you’re going to need it. There are so many opportunities that come up during school and its nice to have it on hand!
  10. Lamp – It’s nice to have some softer light when you need it without keeping on the whole room light, especially if your roommate is trying to sleep!
  11. Bedside Caddy – If your bed is lofted this thing is awesome! They are so cheap too and have lots of pockets to store everything! Your phone, book, chapstick, lotion, and more!
  12. Stapler – I forgot one for the first while of school and it made things so difficult! So many things you hand in have to be stapled and it’s always annoying when you have to go into class a couple minutes early to find a stapler to use! Much easier to have your own.
  13. Sleep Mask –  This is so nice to have if your roommate does have their lamp on and you’re trying to sleep! This is a win-win for everyone! It also helps get a better sleep!
  14. Clorox Wipes – It’s super easy to clean everything!! Plus they smell good.


These are most the things that I wish I would have known to bring when I moved in my freshman year! I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please feel free to message!


Emily Elizabeth

Top 5: College Backpack Essentials

After two years of college I’ve come to learn the importance of always being prepared and how much better your life is when you are. College comes with a lot of crazy obstacles that pop up and if you’re ready for them they can never ruin your day or throw you for a loop. I’ve been in those instances where you’re like, “crap, wish I had that” or “I would kill to have that right now” or “dude, I will pay you $5 for that” and I’m here to make sure you never have to go through that!

  1. Phone Charger

Now, you might think this is obvious but I always use to think, oh I’ll never need it or my battery will last till I get home but it’s the absolute worst when it doesn’t! Especially if you end up using it a lot more than you normally do. It’s just best if you have one on hand for any instance! You never know what could come up and you might not be able to get home till 10 p.m. and that would suck to have a dead phone! You would also be surprised how much you use your phone in college. Sometimes you answer lecture questions with it or look up answers (shhh it’s not cheating it’s surviving).

2. Ibuprofen

Or whatever type of medicine you use for headaches or cramps! I’ve been in so many situations where my head hurts so bad I can’t concentrate on a lecture or I can’t look at my computer screen another second and that’s the worst when you only have a certain amount of time to finish an assignment or the lecture is really important. I don’t know how many times I have texting my friends begging them to bring me ibuprofen or praying they have some in their bag. So, instead of hoping and begging, just have your own!

3. Planner

Sometimes I would forget my planner back in the dorm cause I thought I just wouldn’t need it that day or I only had one class and I wouldn’t be gone long enough to need it but I was usually very wrong. You just really never know when you’re going to need to write down a deadline, reminder, or assignment instructions and usually if you don’t write it down right away you forget about it and that’s never good! Even if you do remember to write it down later on you usually don’t remember all of the details and that can get confusing. So, just stay productive and keep your planner with you!

4. Headphones

I can tell you from personal experience that forgetting my headphones is possibly the worst thing you can do. I’m someone who often listens to music, podcasts, or videos on my phone/laptop during the day and when I forget my headphones I can’t do any of those things. It’s seriously such a simple thing so don’t forget them! Or even easier, get a pair for your room and one for your backpack that way you aren’t “forgetting” to put them back in your bag!

5. Chapstick

GIRL. Nobody likes dry lips and personally if my lips are really chapped and hurting I can’t focus on anything else and that proposes a huge problem. So instead of having to run home or to your car for your chapstick just make sure you always have one in your backpack! Like the headphones, I usually have chapsticks in each area of my life so that I’m never forgetting to put it back somewhere. I have one for my room, car, and backpack. It’s so simple but so important.

Those are my top essentials in my backpack at college and for me, each one of these things is so necessary for a good day. If I forget one of these things my day can turn around upside down so fast and when you’re in college it’s important to try and make your days the best they can be especially when it’s things that are in your control. I hope you find these helpful especially if you’re about to be a college freshman and you have no clue what to pack or expect! If you have any other college related questions send them my way and I’d love to answer them for you!


Emily Elizabeth

What I wish I knew my freshman year of college

Even though it pains me to say it, school is just around the corner for most of us! Obviously we still have a little bit but I figured this would be good to post a little earlier while you still have time to read it or are getting anxious about the new chapter. I get it, it’s terrifying but I promise it can’t be as bad as you’re making it in your head!

#1 Nobody is truly paying attention to you. 

This one sounds really mean but you’ll understand that the first couple weeks of classes you are just terrified that everyone is watching your every move. You’re afraid they saw you trip a little in the hallway, walk into the wrong bathroom, or circled the wrong answer on a quiz. I promise you, everyone else is so invested in the same thoughts that they aren’t even paying attention. Even if they are, they’re probably comforted in the fact that they aren’t alone in their embarrassing moments! College is honestly a huge empathetic group of people. We all get it and we all know what you’re going through. It’s fine!

#2 Get 8-9 hours of sleep. 

Yes, even if you have a test tomorrow and you have no clue what’s going to be on it. I’ve heard stories and I’ve seen it firsthand how even if you pull an all-nighter and study every bit of information, you might sleep through your alarm, get so disoriented you can’t even read the question, or you are so tired you just blank. Sleep is so damn important in college. I’ve noticed that even if I don’t know anything, I’m still in a better headspace to problem solve or give my best guess. It also doesn’t screw up your sleeping schedule for the rest of the week!

#3 Take some fun & different classes.

Even if the class has nothing to do with your major it could still be beneficial. You might end up liking it and changing your whole career path or it could just be something that takes your mind off of the harder classes you don’t enjoy. It might be a little scary at first to take up a class that you aren’t sure about but it’ll probably be great in the end!

#4 Your professors are there to help you and are really just people too. 

I actually did realize this pretty early on in the semester but each semester I’m surprised how amazing and cool professors really are. Most of them are more than willing to help you out or give you some extra time on things as long as you’re polite, ask enough ahead of time, and are already giving a large effort. You can’t expect them to help a student who doesn’t show up to class, who sits on their phone the whole lecture, or emails them 10 minutes before a deadline asking for an extension. You have to give respect to get respect!

#5 Get a part-time job, even if you don’t really need one. 

It’s really nice to have some extra cash to save or use because college brings up so many different expenses! You might want to go to the movies, eat out, or treat yourself once in awhile so make sure you have enough money to do so! It also looks great on a resume to say that you were able to balance being a student and an employee. It also gives you connections with different people and usually teaches you different things you can’t learn in a classroom. I always say get one on campus too because it seriously rocks! The hours are so flexible and you usually can get some homework done too.

#6 Go to all the events the school puts on. 

At first I was like this stuff is stupid I could have more fun doing things I want to do but honestly it’s all free things that are put on for YOU. Take your most fun friends and go to the events and take advantage of all the free stuff! Make some memories that don’t involve blacking out or spending a ton of money.

#7 Take self-care very seriously. 

Even if you only have 10 minutes to relax, USE IT. Put on a mask, meditate, read a book, pray, or call a friend! Seriously those little moments really help build your tank back up to conquer the next days! I usually brush those things off because I think other school work or a Netflix show is more important but it’s NOT.

#8 Wait till the last possible second to purchase textbooks for class!

So many of my classes I wasted money on textbooks and I didn’t even use them or I could have split the cost with a classmate and shared it. Every time I think of the money I could have saved from doing that I cringe. SO MUCH MONEY.

There is so many other things I wish I could write here but it would be the longest list ever. Honestly, just be yourself, work hard, stay sane, enjoy your family/friends, be independent, take chances, and never give up! College is going to push you harder than anything ever has and it’s going to be tough sometimes, really tough, but it also can be so rewarding and you’re going to make some really great friends and memories. Enjoy it!